Familink offering some solace during the difficult days

The media is saturated these days with heartbreaking news around the world. All of us here at Familink are thinking about families and the impact that isolation has, especially when we are not able to visit. We would like to help in a small and hopefully meaningful way. Familink is offering to lend frames to all nursing homes, hospices and others institutions where visits are prohibited due to Covid-19. With Familink, confined residents can receive news from their family and friends.

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List of World Areas where Familink can be installed

Familink is a digital frame connected to Internet thanks to a 3G/4G connection. We have partnered with 500+ Mobile operators in order to make it work almost everywhere. But we are not fully wordlwide yet. Of course to send pictures you can be wherever you want, only Internet access is needed. If the device is connected with Wi-Fi, then it can work worlwide. Only 3G/4G service has a geographic restriction

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Share your photos with your grandparents thanks to Whatsapp even if they do not have a smartphone!

Familink is the solution to stay in touch with parents or grandparents but also the whole family in a easy way! Thanks to its different ways of communication, sharing pictures and texts is really easy-peasy. Nowadays solutions to stay in touch with our loved ones increased, especially the ones for elderly, despite some of them still suffer of isolation. These solutions are not accessible to everyone because most of them require a smartphone or computer while a lot of senior do not even have internet at home or do not know how to use it.

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