End of WhatsApp service

In 2019, we were very proud to announce the integration of Familink with WhatsApp. It was for us the culmination of a long work and a new innovation that we were counting a lot on. We were convinced that this new way of sending photos would be useful for many people and even allow them to send photos without using the mobile application.

Unfortunately, Meta, the owner company of WhatsApp, has announced that it will change their pricing of its service on February 1, 2022. For individuals, WhatsApp will remain completely free, but for businesses like ours, this means that every conversation our bot has with users will become paid for. Given the brutality of this rate increase, which would cost us several dozens of €/$ per user per year, we have decided with regret to end the service on February 1st 2022.

What alternative?

Although we are ending the WhatsApp service, our integration with Facebook Messenger remains completely free. We invite you to use it, it works exactly the same way, except for the end-to-end encryption that was a feature of WhatsApp.

Also, sending photos through our website, through the app, and through email continue to work exactly as before.

Is this final?

The new WhatsApp pricing schedule takes effect on February 1, 2022, so we will stop the integration on that date. However, if Meta reverses its decision or applies a less drastic increase, we can of course reactivate it. In the meantime, we are thinking about integrating other communication channels to remain accessible to all