A picture is worth a thousand words

At Familink, we believe that photos greatly facilitate dialogue between generations. That’s why we have developed solutions to simplify the sharing of your images between family members.

Without Internet connection

The reception of photos is accessible to all who don’t have internet, either through the monthly newspaper received in the mailbox, or through the digital photo frame, which works without wi-fi thanks to its integrated 4G SIM card.

As easy as a lamp

Maybe you grandmother is not so tech-savvy. Well with familink, this is not a problem anymore. All she will have to do will be to plug the device on power! Then just enjoy the photos that will be displayed.


If you don’t want to register, nor download a new app, you can send your photos directly by Email. Each frame has its own Email address.

Many ways to send photos

Send your photos from your computer or your mobile phone: both our frames and our magazines can receive photos via our app or our website, but also by Messenger, Telegram and even by email!

Screen or paper ?

Familink is either a connected photo frame that displays photos instantly, or a paper magazine that displays them once a month in your mailbox. But only one single app.

Familink Devices are connected to Internet automatically thanks to a 3G/4G connection. They are already paired with a Familink account when we ship them. Remote Users only have to download the mobile App or use the Web Interface to push pictures to the frame.

Familink Cloud allows you to store your pictures and archive them.

How much?

Familink is sold $169.90 (US only). Available Here

Comment ça marche ?

Les cadres photos Familink sont connectés automatiquement à Internet grâce à une connexion 3G/4G incluse et déjà paramétrée. Vous pouvez également les connecter en Wi-Fi si vous les préférez.

Vous avez juste à installer l’appli mobile ou utiliser le site web pour envoyer des photos à vos grands-parents. Vous n’avez pas envie d’installer d’appli ou de créer de compte ? Aucun problème, vous pouvez envoyer vos photos par E-Mail ou par Facebook Messenger !

Le cloud Familink vous permet de sauvegarder et d’archiver vos photos pour commander des tirages papier.

Combien ça coûte ?


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Send your pictures via Messenger!

on 2021-10-29 00:00:00 +0000

You can now send pictures via Facebook Messenger. With this functionality, you will now be able to send your photos on your Familink device the same way you would send a picture on Facebook Messenger. Some things to know: It is not possible to send pictures on several frames via Messenger. If you own several Familink frames, you will have to chose the one you want to pair with Facebook Messenger.

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Why Choose a Familink Photo Frame Instead of a Tablet for Seniors?

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The 2 founders of Familink observed that there are no suitable solutions on the market for sharing photos easily with seniors. Of course there are devices for seniors and this is a growing segment of the market. The most well-known products are of course the tablets for seniors which offer: Greater simplicity: the settings have been simplified, there are fewer applications and easier to identify. Larger texts and icons.

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A Digital Frame with an Email Address

on 2020-05-27 00:00:00 +0000

Familink offers web and mobile interface for ease in your photo sharing, with a dedicated email address to send directly to the frame from your device. Familink, a 3G/4G photo frame with an email address, how great is that? Familink allows you to share your photos with your friends and family in a totally secure and simple way thanks to the web interface we have developed as well as the iPhone and Android app.

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Familink: Grandparents' favorite gift

on 2020-05-26 00:00:00 +0000

Familink is a digital photo frame, but acts like a family photo album. You can send photos, add captions, and send text messages. It’s like the family album 3.0! The Familink frame is connected via 3G/4G SIM card, load photo’s daily and the grandparents can scroll through and be entertained without updating the dusty photo album. A connected family photo album or photo frame? The Familink digital frame allows you to share precious moments of your life with your family.

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