Our prices are like our product: simplified as possible:

The frame costs $169.00 including all taxes. This price allows to enjoy the device an unlimited way if it is connected to the Wi-Fi and offers 3 months of use of the 3G/4G SIM card, which is already activated. There is no limit on the number of users. The SIM card allows to receive 10 photos per day if the photo frame is connected in 3G, and an unlimited number if it is connected to the Wi-Fi. Attention, Familink can connect in Wi-Fi only on a private Wi-Fi network.

After the 3 free months, if you can connect our frame in Wi-Fi, do it and you could keep enjoying our device for free. If you have to keep using the 3G/4G SIM card, you need to renew the non-binding subscription for $6.90/month.