Take advantage of our referral program


What are the benefits?

Thanks to our referral program, anyone with a Familink Frame can refer a friend. When a user refers a friend, the user receives :

  • 3 months of 3G/4G service for each device you own
  • 30 free paper prints, which you can order from the web interface

And your friend will receive:

  • 3 months of 3G/4G service offered for their new Familink frame.
  • 30 free paper prints

How do you refer to a friend ?

  1. First, you have to give the referral code to your friend. It’s available on the web interface.

2. You friend buys a Familink Frame 3. Your friend gives the referral code when he/she activates their device. 4. There you go. You both receive an email confirming that the referral has been taken into account. You can now order paper prints from the web interface.

The referral code is requested when the device is activated and not at the time of purchase.