Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for Familink


Thank you for using the app and reviewing the Privacy Policy of Familink (“Familink” or “we” or “us”). It is important to us that you understand what information we collect when you download and use the app or visit our website. This Privacy Policy covers using the app and visiting the website.

This privacy statement applies only to “Familink” application, referred to as the “app” and to the website “”. It does not apply to other products or services provided by the publisher of this application.


The application, or the website, doesn’t store your passwords. You login and authorize directly with your online albums such as Facebook, or Google. Once authorized, the application receives a token, which it uses to access your account.

You can revoke access to this application from your Facebook, Google account settings. All communication with Facebook and Google happens over a secured connection using HTTPS i.e. HTTP Secure.


Once you authorize our app to interact with your Facebook account, the application has access to manage your photos on your Facebook account.

User Responsibilities

When you become a user, download or use our app, or visit our site, you agree to the following:

  • You have provided accurate and true information when you visit our site or download the app;
  • You have given us a valid and active email address, and we may confirm upon registration, via a confirmation e-mail which may require the user to respond;
  • You will notify us if something changes;
  • You are 14 years of age or older;
  • You are not breaking any laws when you use any of our services;
  • You will not violate these Terms as a user.

Location Service

The application doesn’t get your location using the Location Service (GPS). However, the pictures you upload to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or SkyDrive may already contain this information. Please update settings directly with your online albums in order to avoid sharing location information.


The application might cache some thumbnails or photos from your Facebook albums. We only store thumbnails for performance issues. We don’t save pictures directly but only their Facebook URL, meaning that if you remove a picture in your Facebook album, this picture will also be removed from our app.



When using our app you might share pictures from your laptop, mobile phone or from your Facebook account with your friends via a digital frame. By doing so, the picture becomes visible by all the people that have a physical access to the device. In addition, all the app user that also have access to the digital fram via the app can see the last picture uploaded.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please write to us directly: contact [AT] familinkframe [Dot] com